Follow The River

Me on the FT 857d

I decided to take my portable setup to the Charles River on the Boston University Campus. Shun came along. When he saw the MFJ 1899T antenna that I intended to use, he was not so sure that it would work but he remembered the last time he doubted one of my antennas. I did not bring the dipole and mast since it was getting rather tiresome to lug all of that on foot in the city. I had hopes for the 1899T.

I know that it is not a very good antenna and many would call it a dummy load. However, when one must go ‘Urban Portable’ we use what we can. I figured I would get some better contacts being on the river. It seemed to me that the river would act like a funnel towards the ocean which is really not far from where we were. I have no proof to support this idea but it was worth a shot. What a surprise. We made a few contacts including one in Ireland while on 20 meters! Now, if I could just get this a little lighter I would be happy.

I had one of those 45 degree angle adaptors but it broke on the second day of use so, as you can see in the photos, I removed the faceplate from the radio, stood it up with the back and antenna ports facing the sky, and jumped on the air.

Shun on the FT 857D

Yep. It worked.

FT 857d and the MFJ 1899T antenna


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