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The Magnum 1012 Ten Meter HT

I remember, in the 80s, when there were many HF handhelds on the market. It seems that the last ones that were available were around 2003 or so. Ten meters has always been special to me since it was my first real experience with phone on HF. I was still a Novice when they gave the enhancements that allowed us to use phone on ten meters. At that time, you could work the world during the day. Then the cycle ended. By this time I had upgraded so it was not a problem for me.

It seems that ten meters is making a comeback and while looking up information about what had changed since the last time I was one that band, I found this HT. Some said it was good and some said it was bad. I did finally decide to get it knowing I would have to do some tinkering to get it to work best for me, which is really what this is all about. As long as the device I chose to use works well for me, then the arguments become moot.

It uses AA batteries. I would have thought it would have a rechargeable pack like any other handheld on the market. Using regular  batteries give you an output of 2.5 watts. This is not gangbusters but I am quite familiar with QRP so I was not worried. The stock antenna is really hopeless. I was able to make a contact to an operator in PR using my MFJ 1899T but I am sure he had to work at it to get that QSO in the log.

If I were to use a more powerful AA battery I could get 5 watts output. Add to that a better antenna and the right location, I feel that this might be a pretty good HT to have. The bands are getting better and more often than not, ten meters is open. The radio also works on 12 meters but I have not tried it yet. There is also a modification you can do to the radio to allow it to operate on the CB bands but I am not going to do that.

I’ll update later on as I get more time on this HT. One of these days I will also get a photo up.