When Surrounded By Buildings, Gain Some Height

In Early March of 2012 I decided to test out a portable setup. This consisted of my Yaesu FT 857d, my Hamstick Dipole, and a battery. Shun Otaka (KE7UBS/JE1RIV), who is a student at Boston University came along. He is also

KE7UBS/JE1RIV at the mic in a QSO with Croatia

KE7UBS/JE1RIV at the mic in a QSO with Croatia

a member of the Boston University Amateur Radio Club. He did laugh a little bit at my dipole but I told him it would work just fine. In very short order I had a contact in Croatia at got a 5.9 report. I then turned to microphone over to him and he was able to contact the same station. I was running at 100 watts output and the other station was over 4000 miles away. Needless to say, Shun was able to see that this antenna does, in fact, work. Adding some height but setting up on the top floor of a parking garage at Boston University helped quite a bit.